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Synchronized Contacts

Users exchange digital code by scanning, and they both receive the other's contact information from the mobilQnect cloud service. If any person changes her personal contact information, everyone with whom she has connected will see the changes.

Contacts in the Cloud

Personal contact information and the contact associations made by the users are stored in the mobileQnect cloud. The mobileQnect cloud also provides storage for other information that can be tagged or associated with a contact, such as notes and business collateral. These can be shared or kept personal at the user's discretion.


Users can augment their contact association with other people by adding notes that are tagged to a particular contact. The notes are kept on the mobile device, but are also uploaded to the mobileQnect cloud.


Users can send personal messages to any of their connected contacts or a group of their connected contacts. All messages are encrypted and have a short lifetime on the mobileQnect cloud, meaning they are deleted from the cloud immediately after the last recipient of the message gets the message.